Custom website for your business

Are you looking for someone who can build a modern and “responsive” website for you? In a reasonable amount of time, for a reasonable cost? Do you want someone who respects your needs and priorities? I recommend me. Seriously, those are the goals with every site I create. I do my best to look after my clients. I can:

  • help you choose and buy a domain name, if you don’t already have one.
  • set up inexpensive, dependable hosting, if you need it. I will always set it up in your name – with your password – so you don’t get locked out. I have several clients whose previous web person just disappeared – and they were stuck with a website they could no longer get to.
  • design a site with your preferences in mind: your colors, your style, and definitely your brand.
  • build a site you can edit yourself – or make updates for you if you prefer. I have clients who have taken over the site management, and others who count on me to take care of the updates to their sites. I’m happy to work with you either way, and provide training if you want to make your own updates.

My specialty is equestrian sites, especially stallions and breeding farms, with clients in the US and Canada. Scroll down for examples.

My specialty is equestrian sites, especially stallions and breeding farms, with clients in the US and Canada. Scroll down for examples.

A customized WordPress site

This is the “About” page from a WordPress website I designed for the Belgian Warmblood stallion Jaguar van Paemel. It uses some of the nice layout features in WordPress. Good photo presentation can give your website an impressive, professional look.

A customized WordPress website

Most of our websites today are created in WordPress, for several reasons. WordPress provides a management structure and a base design that can be customized. One of the best things about it is that it allows you to easily manage your website’s content yourself once it’s set up. It has a “front end” that is visible to the public, and a “back end” where site management happens. WordPress supplies a beautiful back end that makes editing easy for you, even if you’ve never done it before.

What does this mean for you?

A beautiful and sleek website with a professional look that reflects your horses, your business, your style. I install WordPress on your hosting site, choose a template based on the look you want, and then work with you to customize it, add the pages and the structure that you want, and start adding the content.

While not as flexible in design as a custom HTML website, WordPress is faster, less expensive, and allows you to do the updates and edits yourself.

Another customized WordPress site

This is the Photo and Video Gallery page of, a new website for the Oldenburg stallion of Hampton Farms. This shows off the WordPress “gallery layout” feature. This gallery also features embedded videos, some from YouTube and some directly uploaded.

I secured the domain name for the client, and arranged hosting for the new website.

For this site I installed custom fonts requested by the client, as well as custom colors and a custom genealogy layout for the stallion’s pedigree.

Do it yourself! Once we get your website designed and built, you can add and update information, upload or delete photos, and keep your site interesting by making timely changes yourself. You work with your website’s built-in tools, which are straight-forward and easy to use, and we show you how.

Faster turnaround / lower costs. We can create your new website for you usually within two to four weeks, at a cost that typically starts under $1000. We will give you an estimate ahead of time, because cost depends on how large your site is, and how complicated.

Zero maintenance costs. Because you update your website yourself, you don’t need to pay someone else every time you want to make changes – and you can do it on your own schedule.

We are also happy to maintain and update your site for you, if you prefer, and several clients who like that arrangement.

Reflecting Your Business

We had fun designing the website for Thelma and Louise Sporthorses – finding images, colors, and a design that reflect the movie imagery! Originally designed several years ago in HTML, recently converted it to WordPress.

My goal is always to do my best to absorb what you want in a website – and from your website – and I work to make your vision a reality. I’m most at home creating elegant, modern, streamlined designs that let your content be the focus.

A Custom HTML Website

100% Custom Design is my business, and for its website, launched in 2017, I designed the site and wrote the HTML and CSS from scratch (with a programmer who did the functional PHP). It has a successful user interface, and a good presentation of individual stallions, which are the heart of the site. It displays news for breeders on the front page along with advertiser features and news and web banners, with a slideshow to feature VIP advertisers’ stallions. It has a login area that allows users to purchase and also to easily create and maintain their stallion listings.

If you want more flexibility in your website’s design, a custom HTML website might be the way to go. It’s a more “old-fashioned” method – but there are not many limits on what you can do with the design. The down sides are that it takes longer to create, so it costs more. And there is no back end, so you would have to pay someone to make all changes and updates for you.

Website design by Freestyle Graphic Design – Custom HTML

Tish Quirk wanted a unique new website. She also wanted someone who would be willing to make future updates – and she also needed a new domain name, since her original one had been hacked. I created a website in HTML with unique features, maintain the site, and I purchased the special .horse domain in her name.