Web Design

Own your own online presence

I think we all recognize that having your business visible online is very important. There are vey few businesses today that don’t have an online presence.

What I see that’s troubling is that many businesses “exist” only on social media; they no longer have their own website, or they have one but don’t maintain it or keep it current. I believe that’s a mistake.

I get it. Social media like Facebook makes it easy to create content and to connect with others. And that should definitely be part of every business strategy.

But having your own website is another piece of your online presence – and it’s important. It’s where all the facts and resources and information about your business are in one place – a place that you own and manage.

If you own a stallion, for example – you can create a presentation of your stallion where every mare owner can find what she wants easily. Photos, video, offspring photos and info, stats – it’s all there in a nice presentation that is easy to navigate and use. Let’s face it – Facebook doesn’t make it easy to go back and find the one post you’re looking for!

If you are a breeder, trainer, or own any other type of business it’s the same: have your own website where people can find out all about you – not just the bit that showed up in their feed and then disappeared again.

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