Print Design

With almost three decades of publishing and design experience, we can create any type of print design your business needs: ads, brochures, business cards, flyers, and much more. Our designs have appeared in international, national, and local publications, from the Hannoveraner Jahrbuch Hengste to the Chronicle of the Horse to local event programs.

Each new business and each new project is exciting. Representing your business the way you wish is our ultimate goal. Design is a matter of taste, and if you like what you see on this website, we might be a good fit for your next design project.

If you want to stand out, print might be your answer. As fewer people use print pieces to get their message out, print is becoming the option if you want to stand out from the crowd. Print brochures, business cards, and mailing cards are becoming new again and exciting.

If you want to use the impact of print, we can help. With our background, our understanding of the medium, we can help you avoid costly mistakes and get the look you want.

Find examples on this site of print ads, business cards, and brochures we have created, as well as complete magazine design. We have also designed and produced posters, direct mail pieces, and more. If you have a specialized project, let’s discuss it!

Please contact us with information about your project.