Trifold designed for Warmblood Stallions of North America

A flyer for your business can be a powerful thing. Whether it’s a single sheet or card, or a trifold, it can hold quite a lot of information and illustrations without being crowded. My favorite format is the trifold, but single sheets or cards are better for some uses like pinning up or mailing.

If you attend events, some form of flyer could be worth the investment. I designed a trifold for the Chicago Alfa Romeo Owners Club. The club is primarily interested in preserving the older Alfa Romeo cars, but they arranged to have their flyer in new car showrooms when the modern Alfa Romeo Giulia hit the stores. They got several new members that way, and also developed a good relationship with the area dealers.

If you represent your business at horse shows, putting flyers out at shows will reach your target audience. The same is true if you attend other types of gatherings with potential clients.

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Inside of trifold flyer for the Chicago Alfa Romeo Owners Club – enticing new Alfa owners to become members