Custom Web Banners for your business

If you need a web banner to promote your business online, we can help. We can create banners in web-compatible formats like .jpg or .gif. Banners can be created to the specs requested by the hosting website, and can be static or animated. The banner shown at right is a simple animated banner for which changes between different panels and then comes to rest before it becomes annoying. We also designed Tish's website.

Here are some points and questions to think about when planning a web banner:

A web banner is usually small in area (the Tish Quirk example is representative), so simple is usually best. A very small amount of text and perhaps a single photo usually make a banner that is easier to read.

What do you want your web banner to accomplish? What do you want your web banner to link to (your home page? a different page on your site?)? Where will you be placing your web banner? What are that site's requirements and specs for web banners? Most websites have specific sizes that they require. Many also have limits on what your web banner can do, as far as flashing or animation.

This is what we will need from you in order to create a web banner:

1. What website should your banner link to?

2. How many pixels wide and how many pixels tall does your banner need to be?

3. Do you want your web banner to be static (one panel that stays the same) or animated (having multiple panels that display one after the other)? A static banner is usually less expensive than an animated one, but an animated one - because it shows multiple panels - can hold more information.

4. What words do you want to appear on your banner?

5. What image(s) do you want to include? Note that if a photo was taken by professional photographer you will need that person's permission to use it.

Other helpful information:

1. What website(s) will the web banner appear on?

2. Do you have specific colors in mind for your banner?


Since web banners can range from very simple to quite complex, creating a web banner can cost anywhere from $45 up. Design cost is priced according to time spent, and our design rate is $75 per hour. We will happy to provide a quote for the banner you have in mind.

Custom Website Design for your Equine Business

We are excited to introduce flexible website design that is perfectly suited to equestrian businesses and groups. Our designs and site building are based on a Content Management System (CMS) that provides a "front end" that is visible to the public, and a "back end" where site management happens.

What does this mean for you?

A beautiful and sleek website with a professional look that reflects your horses, your business, your style.

Do it yourself! Once we get your website up and running, you can add and update information, upload or delete photos, and keep your site interesting by making timely changes yourself. You work with your website's built-in tools, which are straight-forward and easy to use, and we show you how.

Lower website design costs. We can create a fully custom website for you for a cost usually between $2,500 and $6,500.

Zero maintenance costs. Because you update your website yourself, you don't need to pay someone else every time you want to make changes - and you don't have to wait until they can find the time.

No need to buy web design software or learn html just to post a new picture or edit your news. The "back end" is where all updates happen. It's an easy interface for everything you need to do.

Our websites are ideal for sporthorse business owners and groups, including

Breeding farms and stallion owners who want to update their websites often, with news and foal photos, show results and sale horses.

All kinds of equine service providers, from instructors and trainers to stable owners to massage therapists.

Clubs and GMOs. If your site is going to be updated by volunteers - or if you have more than one site administrator - this may be your perfect solution. We can set up different levels of access for different types of users. Users don't need to know html, so you can easily hand off website management to the next volunteer.