A logo for your farm, your stallion, or your business should reflect the "personality" of your business. It displays your business concept to the world.

At Freestyle Graphic Design we believe that your logo should be unique to your business. We don't use preexisting graphics or clip art. Each logo is made up of custom elements that have their origins in what you do. For example, a logo for a breeding farm might start with an image of your home-bred foal; a logo for a trainer might incorporate of the trainer riding. A logo can also focus only on your business name, presented in a unique way.

The Process:

Logo design starts with a conversation. We listen to you describe your business, your tastes and preferences, as well as practical questions of where and how you plan to use your logo and what colors you like. After this conversation you would provide any images that you'd like us to use. After evaluating the images we'll be able to provide you with an estimated cost range you can expect for the project.

Once you accept the cost range and pay one-third of the estimated cost, we go to work and create three design drafts for you to choose from. You choose the one you like and let us know any changes you'd like to make, and then we finalize it.

The finished logo will be delivered in a variety of formats for print and web use, usually .eps (for print) and .jpg or .png for web.


Logos are priced according to the time spent, so a logo with fewer or simpler elements (perhaps text only, for example) will usually cost less than one that requires a lot of work with the graphic elements or other time-consuming work.The cost range is usually between $225 and $800. Payment is made in three installments: one third before the project is begun, one third at a mid point, and one third when the logo is completed and delivered. We accept checks, credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, AmEx), and PayPal.